Getting Things Done®


more than half of managers feel burnt out at work​


of employees are quiet quitting in Europe (highest % worldwide)


only 17% of employees feel engaged at work (EU)


of employees said they experience a lot of stress

The way we work is broken

Let's change the way we organize ourselves and equip employees with the skills to effectively manage their work and balance their workday.

The 5-step process to apply order to chaos






Create Space

In a world where information overload is ever present, a good system to organise yourself will bring order to a world of chaos. With GTD we will take you through a 5-step process to help you organise yourself. Create space for everything that comes your way.

Space in your mind, space in your calendar, space you can use for the things that matter. Your GTD system is like the safety line on a surfboard, whenever you fall off, it is there to keep you connected to what matters and offers you a quick way to get you back on top of things.


your mind is for having ideas, not holding them

David Allen

GTD services

reach out if you have questions

GTD® fundamentals training level 1

the official level 1 training as taught by the David Allen Company.

699,- p.p
  • incl. training material
  • 2 x 3 hours live Zoom training or 1 day live on location
  • min 5 - max 10 participants

1-1 GTD coaching programme

for help setting up your sytem and consistent support creating a habit to stay on track.

  • tailor made coaching program
  • 3 months of 1-1 sessions and support
  • help setting up your personal system
  • regular check-ins
  • incl. homework assignments

individual session

for those moments when you don't know how to get back on track

  • 1-1 GTD session
  • book a virtual session directly
  • feeling overwhelmed? Schedule a call and let's get you sorted again!