Asana Services

What Is Asana?

"Thanks to Asana, we send ZERO emails internally.
That’s right, it’s actually forbidden to use email as tool to communicate with colleagues"

Curious to find out how?

More and more organizations are using Asana, but everyone is figuring it out on their own. Why not use our 8+ years of experience to help you get the most out of this tool! 

We love bringing structure to chaos, and with structure comes freedom. It frees your inbox, your time, and your mind. Imagine all the things you could do with this freedom and clear mind! Let us walk you through the basics of Asana and it’s most essential functionalities. Tasks vs. Projects, Assignees, inbox, My Tasks, due dates, and much more. Or more advanced training if you know your basics and want to dive further into special features. Custom fields, Meeting structures, Project setups, portfolios and goals. 

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Optimal Use Of Asana

For optimal use of Asana to increase your productivity, We cover some of the GTD principles in our trainings. 

GTD or Getting Things Done, was developed by David Allen, who calls it a ‘work-life management system’. Asana and GTD are a match made in heaven and in our Asana training will show you why. It will help you with your inbox handling, prioritization, understanding the difference between a task and a project and knowing which is relevant when. 

For a full GTD training, visit the GTD tab. If you have a specific Asana topic you’d like to learn more about, do let us know. We like to offer training that is tailor-made to your needs.

Set yourself up for success

and make sure your business can keep up with your own growth

Increase Clarity

Know who is doing what by when. Set up clear projects and templates to help you create overview and clarity. Keep track of all the moving parts effortlessly.

Get Organized

Use Asana as your trusted system to organize your work and your life. With this you’ll enable your team to manage their work efficiently and feel in control of their work day.

Collaborate Better

Asana is more than project management software, it is a collaboration tool! Create a way of working that enables your team to collaborate asynchronously!

Focus on priorities

Use Asana in such a way that the most important tasks and projects are visible where and when you need them, so you can focus on what has priority right now.

"your mind is for having ideas, not holding them"

- David Allen


Asana Optimalisation​

Already working with Asana but getting stuck? Or overwhelmed with all the new features? We can help you untangle complex project setups, we simplify, structure and create overview.​

Full Implementation​

New to Asana and don't know where to begin? We can help you get started. Set up your work processes, train your team and optimize the way you collaborate.​

Training And Coaching ​

We're also available for custom, on demand help, whenever you need it. We offer support, 1-1 sessions or make time available on retainer. Ask for the possibilities!​